Young Women & Men Of Destiny

We're changing destiny one life at a time

To ensure we are able to assist as many youth as possible, our program participation fees are minimal; the fees only cover a small portion of our operating costs.  Consider donating to support the YWMOD mission and vision.  You can support this work in a number of ways: by donating below, by praying for us and/or by volunteering. Donation considerations: a $10, $20 or $50 donation can go a long way; every gift matters and benefits a young person participating in our program. 

Mentors and Volunteers

YWMOD mentors are trusted advisors, willing to spend his/her time and expertise to guide the development of the YWMOD mentees. Mentors are a key part of the YWMOD community, supporting the learning development and exploration of the YWMOD mentees. YWMOD mentors work as a team in brotherhood or sisterhood groups which consist of two (2) or three (3) mentors assigned to three (3) to four (4) mentees. 

YWMOD Eligibility Requirements:
21 – 65 years of age
Completed application
Participate in an interview session
Pass criminal background and child abuse registry checks
Satisfactory personal and spiritual references
Gainfully employed (self-employed) retired and/or college student
Attend a 3 hour training session
Able to commit to one program year (Sept. – June)
Active member of a local Christian church

 What is a Mentorship?
A mentorship is a relationship formed between a mentor and mentee with the goal of sharing knowledge and expertise between the mentor and the mentee. The YWMOD mentors establish a formal relationship with their mentee(s) through written goals and scheduled meeting times (noted in the program syllabus) in addition to weekly informal chats, text messages or email exchanges and quarterly planned outings.

Are essential to YWMOD; volunteers assist with program events such as workshop facilitation, fundraisers and community services events. Volunteers are not assigned formal mentoring responsibilities. Volunteers may also attend brotherhood / sisterhood outings facilitated by YWMOD formal mentors. All volunteers must complete an application and pass a background check. 

Donate / Sponsors and Volunteers